Dear Retailer:

Paulaner USA would like to thank you for your on-going support during these very challenging times and we trust that this note finds you, your families and teams all well and safe. If you’re seeing this note via your local distributor that represents Paulaner USA’s draft beers, this is great news as it means you have reopened and are considering our premium draft products for your customers. Our purpose today is to communicate our position on the product quality of the Paulaner USA brands in your market.

Over the years, the Paulaner Brewery Group, Fuller’s and Fruli brands within the PUSA portfolio have been singularly focused on product quality as the most important aspect of building their respective businesses. We would never do anything to damage that reputation in the short term, as it is not in either yours or our best interest, long term.

These unprecedented times however call for careful and fact based considerations when determining steps that alter our standard operating procedure. After careful review by our quality control experts in Munich, London and Belgium, Paulaner USA is pleased to announce the following short-term change to our keg rotation policy:

  • All Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr, Fürstenberg and Fruli kegs currently in inventory at retail and in your warehouses scheduled to go out of code in 2020 will be extended by 3 months from their original BBD date.
  • All Fuller’s kegs currently in inventory at retail and in your warehouses scheduled to go out of code in 2020 will be extended by 2 months from their original BBD date.

Your distributor has been authorized to affix the following label to all kegs in his inventory to document the revised product BBD:

Our team stands behind this revised date coding and believes that all products, when properly handled, with provide your customers with the same great experience they have come to know and appreciate for all of our draft products.

Naturally, your Paulaner USA manager is available to answer any questions on this topic. Of course, you can also reach out to our Operations Team for updated information.

Thank you again for your support through this challenging time and stay safe.


Stephen T. Hauser
President / CEO

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