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Company History:

 Ireland has traditionally had a long history of brewing. At the beginning of the nineteenth century there were over two hundred breweries in the country, producing a wide range of Irish beer. This number dropped significantly by the twentieth century due to the dominance of a few large and famous breweries. By 2007 there were only about 12 breweries in the country, with most producing mass-produced beer, backed by formidable marketing budgets. After seeing the wider range of beers available in bars in the United States and Continental Europe, Seamus O’Hara established the Carlow Brewing Company in 1996 along with his brother Eamonn. Due to the dominance of macro beers in Ireland at the time, the brewery was initially very export orientated. Interest in the brewery, and craft beer in general, has increased.

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O’Hara’s Sales Sheets

Below please find O’Hara’s Sales Sheets. To download simply click on the file link and the file will download to your computer.

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O’Hara’s Image Library & Brand Assets

Below find our Brand Assets for use in promotions and marketing materials. Please note that all logos and brand assets are owned by the Carlow Brewing Company and may only be used in accordance with their brand asset usage guidelines.

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